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November 1, 2001

The Ideal TV

Old Challenge. What is the ideal size and shape for a TV set?

Answer. In his winning answer, Joseph Fine says that the ideal shape for a TV set would be a virtual spherical surface similar to the inside of a planetarium. The ideal may already have been implemented as a direct retinal projection TV in which images project directly into the eye, with no screen at all. See

QUESTIONABLE MATHEMATICS. Joshua Green noticed a Burger King sale:

Cheeseburger: $.49
Double Cheeseburger: $.99
Triple Cheeseburger: $1.49

He wonders "why two cheeseburgers are cheaper than one double cheeseburger, and three cheeseburgers are cheaper than one triplecheeseburger, when the individual burgers have more bun but the same amount of meat?"

Readers are invited to submit more examples of questionable mathematics.

New Challenge. Is there any valid explanation for the above cheeseburger sale?

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